Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who? Me? Nooo. Yes?!

I know I haven't exactly been doing this blogging thing for long, but I absolutely love it.  On that note, I am proud and so humbled to say that I have received not just one, but two, count 'em two awards!  That's right.  First I need to give a big, big thank you to Tamara over at The (Un)Experienced Mom.  She is funny, witty, and I just love reading her complete truths about motherhood.  We all know that while it is the most rewarding job in the world, it isn't the easiest.  So go ahead, check her out!

First we have the Lemonade Stand award.  

I love this one because of it's cute, child-like appeal.  I mean, what kid doesn't want to have their own lemonade stand.  I even had one at one time.  We sold what we didn't drink!  Recipients of this award have shown a little attitude or gratitude.  Or maybe a little bit of both. 

So these are the rules.  I'll follow to the best of my ability.

1. display the award logo
2. nominate up to 10 blogs that have shown attitude/gratitude

3. link to your nominees
4. let them know they have been nominated by comment
5. link the person from whom you received the award

Doesn't sound so hard.   

And the nominees are...

The Crayon Wrangler @ Coloring Outside the Lines--  I just love her and her wonderful way with words.

The Crazy Baby Mama @ well, The Crazy Baby Mama--  now here is someone that tells it like it is.  I love it!

Megan @ All A Bunch of Momsense-- even though she loves doing taxes ;), I think she is awesome and I love to read what she has to say.  plus she gave up the recipe for Death by Chocolate and what woman wouldn't love to die from a chocolate overdose!?

Hurricane Red @ I've Got POOP In My Pocket-- she completely cracks me up with the stories of her kids.  That boy of hers is a hoot!

Tamara has also graced me with the Heartfelt Blogger award.  This one is given to bloggers that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I just love the picture associated with this one.  It's so purdy.  Ok, tell me I'm a big dork now!  I'm used to it... really.

Basic same rules apply (go ahead, scroll up, I'll wait) except it's 9 blogs instead of 10.  Anyhoo... here goes:

Dawn @ Life of a Domestic Diva--  we have just discovered one another recently, but I like her already.  plus she's a Dallas Cowboy fan and that makes her number one in my book.

Brittainy @ Brittainy's Journey-- she hasn't been blogging long either, but her posts are always a worthy read.  and I grew up knowing Brittainy and think she just deserves it!

Tabitha @ I Choose Bliss-- she is a what true inspiration is all about.  'nuff said... check 'er out.

and last but certainly not least are

Michelle and Erik @ Pray for Dylan-- they're little guy has been fighting leukemia since 8 weeks old but has now been declared cancer free!  you can't get any warm and fuzzier than that!  **tears of joy**

So there we have it.  Eight great blogs that I love to read.  I know I've bent the rules a bit by splitting the number of nominees between the two, but it's my first time so I need a break on this one.  It already took me foreeeever to get this post done.  So go on, check out all of these awesome blogs!


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Megan M. said...

Aww! Thanks so much! (And I love my chocolate overdose- can't wait for next week, it's always a favorite for us at Thanksgiving!)