Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet the Husband

I realized the other day that I don't have any sort of introduction (or whatever you call it) in the sidebar about my hubby.

How dare I!

Well I have decided today to introduce you all to the love of my life...

Oh, crud, not that love of my life!

This one:

(This is an old pic from almost 3 years ago on our 9th wedding anniversary. He took me to a very romantic bed and breakfast. It was a surprise and he packed for me so that is why I'm wearing the goofy Happy Bunny shirt and no make-up! I may have to tell you more about that later as well.)

This is the man who stole my heart and has given me more than I could have ever asked for to fill that heart up.

It all started about 14 years ago. The girl I once called my best friend was taking me to some guys apartment that she knew. She told me his name was Sean and he liked her but she didn't like him like that. When we got up there she introduced us and we sat down on the couch next to one another across from him.

I had a weird feeling that only told me that I didn't like the fact that he liked her. Months would pass. I would see him occasionally.

He ended up buying a truck that had belonged to an ex-boyfriend of mine.

While walking up to another friend's house with the friend that had introduced us, he came around the corner in that truck. She went to talk to him. I went inside. I still remember not liking that he stopped and talked to her.

Months later that same friend took me to meet some new guys that had just moved to town. What do you know! There was Sean too.

Then began the era of a lot of hanging out and having fun together. We partied on the weekend. We partied during the week. I skipped a lot of school. I made it a point to go to each class at least once a week. What can I say? Mom was a single mom working full time and I took advantage of that. Not saying that once I got caught I didn't get into trouble, because I did. Lots of trouble. The one person my mom would allow me to see, though, was Sean. He is actually the person who got me to go back to school and probably a big part of my graduating high school even though we had a four month old baby.

He, like all other guys that came into mine and my sisters lives, believed my mom hated him and that she was always giving him dirty looks. I had to explain to him that she looks at everyone like that. haha! Love ya Mom!

We started dating and I became pregnant very quickly. He broke up with me for about two weeks. I won't go into the whole thing because his best friend's sister was in town during those two weeks and as soon as she left he was willing to have me come over and talk about getting back together. Ignore the anger there. I really am over it. I was the one he married after all! ☺

From that day forward we spent every single moment together. Okay, we spent every moment that we weren't at school, work or at home asleep, together.

We moved in together  in November of '97 and had our baby girl in January of '98. I talked a little about that here. Our life as a family had come together quite nicely.

So there is a little bit about how we started out. I realize that wasn't so much about the hubster, but I'll go into just how much he means to me later. Until then, everyone have a great weekend and with Spring Break ending, I hope to be able to post more often. I've been pretty busy keeping 4-5 kiddos busy all week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Question Friday

Ooooh, golly! I can't believe it's already Friday. I've had to remind myself all day. That being, I forgot about Mama M's Five Question Friday until I saw everyone else had their 5QF posted. I'm gonna get right to it, if you don't mind.
My Little Life

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?
Too much sometimes! I admit to sometimes neglecting the laundry(... and the dishes... and the dusting... and the sweeping... okay, okay, I think you get the point!) during Kaitlan's nap time just to get in some computer time. I sometimes get on here and next thing I know a few hours have passed! Other days I may not even turn it on until after lunch. But those "other" days are very few.

2. Will you pay for your children's college or raise them to pay for their own way?
The kids already have college savings and I figure it'll be a little bit of both of those for the rest of it. While I will always be willing to help my children, I want them to help themselves first.

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Yes! And it sucked each time. There are a lot of crazy people that do weird stuff around here. Need examples?

I once had a man try to pass me on my left when I was making a left turn into my apartment complex. He said he thought I had my right blinker on. Um, no! I think I know which way I live!! Plus he was trying to pass me on a totally blind corner.
Once one my way home from work one night around 11:30ish and young lady decided to pull right out in front of me. I don't know how she didn't see me. I had only been traveling in that direction towards her for a good mile. Anyway, she pulled out in front of me, I slammed on the brakes and t-boned her. My little car was totaled! It was my very first brand new car and that hussy totaled it! I cried... literally. 

One more...
On my way home from work on a Sunday afternoon, I approached a bright green light at the top of a slight hill. I get half way through the light and a dude on the other side turns left slamming into my back door and part of my door. That one sucked. He didn't really fight it, we just had to do the lawyer thing because I ended up with a hurt neck and back. In fact, he guy admitted to me that he had just done the same thing a week earlier and that his parent were going to be mad. He was a grown man in his late 20's. Yeah....
There are more but I won't bore you any longer. Only one was my fault and I shouldn't have even been driving in that kind of rain. It was in the library parking lot and the guy just told me that it was no big deal and to get the kids on inside. Okay, that was one more!

4. What is your favorite book?
Hmmm, I don't think I read enough any more to say I have a favorite. I always want to read more, but I don't. There's this darn computer, ya know!

5. Do you make your bed everyday?
No, not everyday. The baby usually sleeps until 9 or 10 every morning so I just pull the covers up after she gets up. Yes, she is 17 months and she sleeps with us. I know... I know.... 

After that she takes a nap in my bed after lunch some time so it doesn't ever really get made except on the weekend.

I should make the effort more often, though.

I think I will!

So there we have it. The fabulous 5QF from Mama M! Hop on over, read the rules, grab the questions and join in the fun!


Monday, March 8, 2010


I just...

wanted to share...

with you!

In these pictures we have:
Kaitlan wearing her tutu and her daddy's work shoes
Kaitlan's first ponytail (if you can call it that!)
My friend Holly's beautiful baby boy
Raiden leading us in the Pledge of Allegience
Our Bear Scouts lining up to receive their Bear patch
Raiden receiving his Bear patch from Sean
Noah and Raiden goofing off as we prepare to take some pictures
All of our Cub Scouts
Kaitlan walking her diaper off (she pooped, was wearing the last clean diaper cover and I hadn't yet pulled the freshly clean diaper covers out of the washer to dry)
Our new aquarium set up
Raiden posing in front of our new aquarium set up
And Kaitlan looking cute sitting in her "Sis-sis's" lap.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally Five Question Friday

So today is Friday which means it's time for Mama M's Five Question Friday. Love it, love it, love it! Alright Mama M, take it away!

My Little Life
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Rules: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then c'mon back and link up! If you'd like, grab the code for the blog hop...but you don't have to!! I'd also loooovvvveeee it if you'd link back to me, Mama M., so people know where to go for the next go around!

If you don't have a blog, but want to join in the fun...feel free to post your answers in the comments of any of the blogs along the way!

It's a fun, easy post and it's all about YOU!

Questions for Friday, March 5th: (Thanks to Courtney, Erin,Renee, Thorney London, and Sandy for their question suggestions! Wanna be linked in a future 5QF? Head on over here, to my community, and offer up your best questions! Quirky, zany, fun, serious, advice all flies!!)

1. What's your guilty pleasure?
I'll just mention my biggest guilty pleasure... Oreo cookies! I actually blogged about my love for the Oreo here. It's just the best cookie in the whole world and I think God had someone invent them just for me.

2. What is your favorite TV series?
It's kind of funny that I'm home almost 24/7 now and probably watch less t.v. than when I worked full time and only had 2 kids. The one show I canNOT miss, though is Lost. I am so sad that this is the last season, but since it is, I'm soaking up every.single.drop!

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?

I speak a little of the Espanol, but that's practically required when you live in Texas. Well, it should be required anyway. I also speak a little Francais as well. (Spanish and French are actually very much alike!) I took French about 100 years ago my freshman year but moved back to Mom's after that and they only offer Spanish there so I missed out on learning to curse in French. Yep, the teacher said that if we made it to 4th year French, she would teach us the curse words. Talk about motivation for a 14 year old!

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I'm really not a big shoe fanatic, but I probably own about 15-20 pair. I have a bunch of heels that I hardly wear and I also have a problem with throwing away my old sneakers. I guess I think I'm going to want to wear them again someday or use them to work in the yard.
You can stop laughing now.... One day I will get my garden going! (hopefully this spring)

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
I really love all things M&M, but the peanut butter ones of the bomb-diggity!! They need to make those with dark chocolate!
So there you have it. My answers to Mama M's questions. I'm gonna run now being that my kid is annoying the crud out of me. She likes this little thing called food. Hmph! Who knew? 


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

These are the feet of my sweet baby girl at almost 3 months old. I absolutely love footsie shots so I requested one when we got family pics done a little over a year ago. I told my hubby that this was OUR picture only. No one else was allowed to have a copy of it. It just feels too special.

Go to The Long Road to China to join in.