Monday, March 8, 2010


I just...

wanted to share...

with you!

In these pictures we have:
Kaitlan wearing her tutu and her daddy's work shoes
Kaitlan's first ponytail (if you can call it that!)
My friend Holly's beautiful baby boy
Raiden leading us in the Pledge of Allegience
Our Bear Scouts lining up to receive their Bear patch
Raiden receiving his Bear patch from Sean
Noah and Raiden goofing off as we prepare to take some pictures
All of our Cub Scouts
Kaitlan walking her diaper off (she pooped, was wearing the last clean diaper cover and I hadn't yet pulled the freshly clean diaper covers out of the washer to dry)
Our new aquarium set up
Raiden posing in front of our new aquarium set up
And Kaitlan looking cute sitting in her "Sis-sis's" lap.



Kate said...

Wonderful photos :-) They grow up so fast!

Cop Mama said...

Way cute!!!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i love the shirt, i am moms job, do you remember where you got it