Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best Parts...

Hello again! I decided to crawl out of the deep, dark abyss that I call life and say hi. We really have been quite busy most of the time and it's been kind of nice. Although, I do enjoy our lazy days.

One of the best things over the past few months has to be our new car. We were super thankful when Sean's motor went kaput in his ol' trusty Nissan. We bought that car brand new in 2000 soon after finding out we were going to be a family of four. It meant some sacrifice once again on the kids part, but Dad had no worry about getting to work.

Our first unofficial JMG meeting

Our Junior Master Gardeners group has taken up much of our time over the past few months and we are loving it! We meet once a week and the kids get to dig in the dirt and get in touch with nature. They also get to run around the garden like a bunch of loons and they like that. :)

The best part of JMG has been the friendships I have found. It hasn't always been easy for me to make friends or trust people. I have to say, though, the ladies in my homeschool support group are awesome. I have been working hard on being a better person and opening myself up to new things and that has helped me open up to some really great people.

It really has been one of the best times of my life here lately. I have a sweet husband, great kids, and best of all, a loving God. All of which are truly the best parts.