Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Instructions Included

I have to say that I am a lover of cookies. Not all cookies, but most cookies. My favorite cookie has to be

Knockoff cream filled cookies are decent, but there is nothing like an Oreo. The smooth texture of the cream. The taste. Even the chocolate cookie part. My birthday is coming up and I would so take one of these

Throw some candles on it and call me 30, Baby!
Yes, I turn 30 today and it has become more real the closer that this day has come. I gotta snap out of it, though! I'm the one who has always told everyone that it is not big deal. It is no big deal. Right?

 *had to take a quick break

Going to the state fair?  How's about these suckers?

As if Oreos weren't fattening enough, someone had to go and fry some! I have to say though. If I were to meet the person who thought of this, I would probably give them a big kiss. Okay, maybe just a hug. I am a  married woman after all.

Besides plain Oreos, they have Golden Oreos

milk chocolate mint covered Oreos

Double Stuf Oreos
and peanut butter Double Stuf Oreos

even these babies!

plus tons of other seasonal variations, but the qu de gra has to be this one

Awesome, huh?

So, do you wanna know what prompted a woman to write about her passion for a cookie? While perusing the snack isle for yumminess for myself my kids, I came across these.

I am warning you now that this is not for the weak. We're talking some serious chocolatey-ness here. They actually sat there for a couple of days before I decided to open the package and try them out. Once I grabbed a few cookies and the mandatory glass of cold milk, I noticed that besides the oblong shape there was something else different about them.


How stinkin cool is that!? My cookies have never given directions as to how I should eat them. I have never had a meter on my cookies to tell me how much I have dunked. Now they just need to make them with the regular cream. As delish as these are, they pack quite a chocolate punch. The inside is slathered with a rich, fudgey cream. Talk about some serious chocolate overload. I'm a little hungry now so I think I'm gonna go have a cookie. Oh, and look out for a future Oreo related foody post. Yes, I plan on cooking with Oreos. I'll let you know how it goes!



Cop Mama said...

Happy 30th Birthday!!! Were you trying to be sly about it by putting it in small font with italics??? Can't get anything past me!

That would be an awesome birthday cake. So doing anything fun? Hope so.

BTW, I'm not even going to address the tempting cookies you posted for fear I may actually end up buying some!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Happy birthday, and a milestone one at that!

I love Oreos too-- my favorites are the golden ones, they are so tasty (but not as good with milk). Is that cake from Cold Stone Creamery? It looks like the one I always moon over in the freezer case!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Anonymous said...

I turn 40 next month. Do you feel better now?.. hehe!

Happy Birthday!

Arizona Mamma said...

Happy belated birthday!

My hubby is an oreo fan. As for me, I love DQ oreo blizzards, but not much beyond that. Oh, but I do like the mint ones.