Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Dreamy

We no longer have a big, honkin entertainment center in our living room. I mean, we still have the stupid thing, but hopefully it will be sold and out of our house before long.

pardon the mess here, we got that sucker the heck outta the way a.s.a.p.!

So, we had decided that we wanted to hang our t.v. on the wall. Actually the man decided this. I'm still not sure why. Anywho, that gave me the responsibility of finding something else to put all of our media accessories in. I hafta tell you, though... I am so picky. I may have mentioned that before. That is why we still don't have decorative pillows for our couches. I can't find anything that suites me. The color, the patterns, there is always something off about any pillows I have found. I guess I'll just have to make them myself.

But back to the matter at hand. We went to the local discount and furniture stores in hopes of finding something that would match our coffee and end tables as well as make me happy.

We all know that if momma ain't happy, ain't no body happy.

After making a quick stop for the hubs, I had spotted Main Street Antiques on, well, Main Street here in good ole Grand Prairie. Sean didn't think there would be anything good in there. Boy was he wrong! I wish I would have had my camera when we went in there. I am an antique freak, I tell you! So many things in there reminded me of my grandparents and of being a kid. Granted many of the items were way older than I am, but grandparents have a bunch of old stuff. I doubt they went out and bought all new stuff when they found out they were having their 10th grandchild. Okay, I don't know what order I am in the mix, but let's just say you have a lot of older cousins when both your mom and dad are the youngest or next to youngest in a family with 6 or 7 sibs.

Reel it in...

... bring it back to the story.

As I said, there were so many awesome tables, vanities, clocks, pictures, baskets, suitcases (the hardshell type), old baby carriages, knick knacks, and even an old yarn spinning wheel thingy.

One like this but it was actually broken. I just love this picture!

As I strolled through this man-made heaven, walking back from the back of the store, I spotted the most gorgeous buffet. It was laden with beautiful baubles and looked like it would be a fabulous addition to our home. I tracked down the man and told him that this is what I wanted.

Are you sure?

Of course I was sure! I had found it. That antique piece that I could love and call my very own. The piece of furniture that would cause a most certain death for one of my children should they ever put a leaky cup or freakin Rice Krispy treat on it.

Isn't she a beauty!? I think I am in love. Everything is perfect. From the little scratch and ding on top...

to the characteristic chips here...

and here...

I think it is just perfect and looks great in our front room. Leave it to a man, though to begin placing electronics on the thing as soon as it's set!



Ericka Moore Photography said...

I like it! The older I get, the more I like antiques, too.

Cop Mama said...

Hey, we did the same thing recently. We finally got rid of the old TV and huge entertainment center too. We sold the entertainment center and included the old TV with it on Craigslist. It went within a day.

Isn't the flat screen amazing!