Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pick it up!

Ok, people.  I have decided that I must pick it up.  Yes, pick up my sad butt and turn it around.  Yesterday was a difficult day for me and I wrote about that.  You may noticed that I deleted that post, though because I have decided that I  will no longer let myself feel that way.  I was down and feeling bad for the way I have mistreated my husband in the past.  For how I disrespected and made him feel bad.  Well not anymore, folks!  I love my husband and children and they love me.  I am going to get back into my routine (with time for blogging, of course) and make myself feel like me again.  I am actually kind of excited about this.  I know that there are so many things in the world that I cannot change and people that have life much worse than I.  That is why I will no longer accept the negative and accentuate the positive.  What was that song that said something about that?  Oh well, it'll come to me later at the strangest time... promise, it always does!  So if I start to sound sappy and down, just kick my in the backside and tell me to pick it up!

Oh yeah, I don't know why my comment thingy hasn't been working, but I've tried to fix it.  If it still doesn't work, I'd love to know.  And thank you to any of you that read the dribble I put out here.  It really means a lot to me!


~ Dawn ~ said...

WOOHOO!! Comments work!!

Keep your head up!! I was where you are at a few months ago and got myself back on track and life is good now. We sometimes fall but we have to be strong and pick ourselves back up.

Have a blessed day!

Megan M. said...

Glad you're feeling on the up & up! (Glad the comments work, hated that we couldn't leave you some support before!)