Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Did anyone one else get off track last week and not post their Not Me! Monday?  Well I really did.  Now to get back on track and talk about the happenings of our little life that are funny, sad or down right wrong.  That being said, you may just get two weeks of not-happenings rolled into one lovely post.

Has anyone else ever forgotten to cook dinner?  Well not me!  It seems that beans will not cook if you don't turn the crock pot on.  Whoda thunk it!?  I did, however, get in there and notice my mistake in time to get them started and ready at dinner time.

It seems my daughter has not found a new place to sit and have her snacks.  And none of them probably fell into the toybox while she sat there.  Hey, it made her happy so who am I to tell her no, right?

I now must not stress the importance of the kids picking up their toys.  Especially flat Lego pieces that tend to blend into the tile.  It seems that when I stepped down from the little stool that leads to the candy healthy snack bowl, I did not step on said Lego piece and almost bust my butt!  No, not me.  I was as graceful as a swan when I stepped off of the step with a full glass of tea in my hand that I really did not spill.  Yay me!

Kaitlan so did not have an incident with the baby powder last week.  I, of course, was not the one who left it on her daddy's nightstand where she could reach it.  What a mess!

This past week was not when I had a mini-meltdown.  I never let stress get to me nor do I ever feel guilt.  Guilt for things I can't even help, like my friend H.  We did not find out that her little boy (two weeks old today!) has a skin disorder that he will be stuck with for the rest of his life.  I did not go into a guilt-induced stupor that included not cleaning the house or eating much at all.  Guilt over what you ask?  Guilty that I have three perfectly healthy children when my good friend who went to great lengths to have this beautiful bundle of joy just to find out that she has to be extra careful so she doesn't damage his skin causing him pain.  Guilt for this among many other things.  I am so not getting over it, though!  I have simply been blessed and cannot get hung up on the things that are in God's hands.

On a much lighter note, my husband did not FINALLY get my van fixed and promise to get the legal stuff done on it for me today.  I totally do not need that sucker!

So that was my week... or not... whatever!  Just hop on over the MckMama's blog and join in yourself.  You won't regret it!

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Cop Mama said...

Hey Amy, thanks for the comment. You should join in on the "Works for Me Wednesday!"

Oh, and love the pic of your little girl with the baby powder everywhere! Too cute.