Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Nooo!  It's not Monday again, is it?

Nope, that's right not right.  Monday, oh, Monday.  Did anyone else wait until the last minute to get their kids and their costumes ready for Halloween this weekend when they had all week long to do it?  Not me!  I am not a procrastinator.  Anyone who knows me would tell you that.  Ok, they would not tell you that!

I also would not give my baby girl a cookie while I finished up dinner just so I could get it finished without having to hold her or listen to her hungry cry.  Especially not a chocolate cookie so that I would have to clean her up before dinner.  Not me.  I would never spoil my children.

And of course, it was not my son who called his cousin's female friend "he".  As in, "Dad, Batman is not gay.  Ask him... I bet he'll tell you he's not!"  Nor was he promptly hauled off into the backyard to "help" Dad with something out there.  He was not then told that she is, in fact, female in an effort to save him from further embarassment.  I must add, I also was not confused about this when they first walked in the door.

And no, that is not her on the top left!


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