Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's A Buuug!

I have GOT to tell you about my son's shower last night.

Just wait, it's funny.

So last night I had Raiden jump into the shower while I cooked dinner.  He has gotten into this scared of everything phase here lately that is driving me insane so it is a feat to even get him in there in the first place.  (Thanks to the brats that told the Bloody Mary story to him!)  With the threat of an old school beating some gentle coaxing, he finally got in and I continued with dinner.  Let's say about five to ten minutes later I hear a panicked yell.

"Mom!  Mom!  Mom!"

"What is going on?"

And that's when I see my naked, wet son run through the living room cupping his boy parts.  

"What's wrong, Rai?"  Trying not to burst out laughing.

"Mom!  There's a bug in the shower!"

"Kill it."

"It's big, Mom!  Really big!  Go get it please!"

I put my spoon down and proceed through the living room into my bedroom and into the bathroom.  The shower is still running and Sage is sitting at the computer looking a little confused by the sight of her naked brother's bolt from the shower.  

not the boy

"Just how big is it?"

"Reeeeally big."

"Where is it, Rai?"

"In the shower.  Kill it."

I open the shower curtain and there it was wallowing under the water.  He was right.  It was big. 

Let me give you a little idea of what we deal with here first of all.  Two houses down we have what the kids in the neighborhood call the crazy lady.  She's not that bad, but she is a little crazy.  She has all of the dogs and cats the city ordinances will allow plus birds, lizards and no telling what else.  She likes to "decorate" her yard with so much crap that you can hardly see her house at all.  Granted, some of it is cute, but it is waaay over done.  With that being said, I can only imagine what the inside of her house looks like.  

not her house

She is the epitome of a pack rat.  She is in her 50's and owns EVERY vehicle she has ever bought (an amount which is well into the double digits).  We are just very lucky that she has other places to store them.  She just lost her husband about five months ago, bless her heart, and has bought two more cars since his passing.  Luckily she lives on the corner because she has nine vehicles at her house.  Yes, for one person!  So with that little background of our neighbor, you can see why we get a few bugs that meander over to our house.  **Back to the story**

I look at this bug.  It's about a two inch plus long wood roach.  I don't know what they are actually called, but we call them wood roaches because they prefer to live in trees and you can find them in your firewood piles.  I HATE 'em!  

 not said bug
no way I had time to grab the camera

Raiden is still freaking out.  I grab my sandal, smash the sucker, grab a wad of toilet paper and drop it into the toilet.  

"Flush it, Mom!"

"I did." 

"I didn't hear it."

Peek into the toilet.  It's still there.

"See I told you."

Flush for real this time.  Re-check.

And there's my Boo-boo Bear still standing there naked as a jay bird (how naked is a jay bird anyway?) with all of the female members of the family standing around him.  Didn't phase him a bit.  Now he has one more thing to be scared of, though.  Yay, motherhood. 


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