Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

Confessions from a Working Mom

Oh how I have missed the blog world!!  It seems my mom prefers to live in the dark ages and still does not have a computer set up.  She tells me she has one in her closet, though.  (Gee, thanks, Mom.  That doesn't get me online!)  Anyhoo!  I'm now back from C-town and ready to get back to my life.  (More on that later!)

Today I am participating in a little something called Truthful Tuesdays as you can see from the button at the top page.  This little gem is hosted by Elizabeth at Confessions from a Working Mom.  This week she's asking a somewhat personal but valid question:

Would you get a boob job?

This is something that a lot of us moms ponder.  I have thought about it myself being that I've breastfed 2 kids for a total of 26 months so far.  To tell you the truth (it is Truthful Tuesday, ya know), my 14 month old is attached at this very moment.

So, would I get a boob job?

Well, I really miss my nice, perky, full C cups, but haven't seen those for about 9 years now.  Kid number one really didn't do much damage.  We attempted nursing, but it didn't go so well.  Put it this way:  it hurt so bad I would have preferred to lose the breasts altogether and grow a penis!  Since that was not an option, we bottle fed.  Now the boy.  Well, the boy was a booby-milk drinking machine and this one is also.  I have thought of maybe getting a boob lift until I heard that they still do a small implant.  I don't want implants, though.

So I guess that would be a no.  If they could do a surgical procedure to pick these babies up without placing a foreign object into my body that I have to break up by hand periodically (BTW, I've heard that can really hurt) then I would consider it.  I think I'd rather invest in some really good bras!

Now head over to Elizabeth's blog and check out what she and others have to say on the subject.

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Cop Mama said...

Ok, I had to laugh out loud about your mom having a computer in the closet...too funny. Glad you're back. Thanks for stopping over at my blog!