Tuesday, December 22, 2009


These past couple of weeks I have missed out on a lot of blogging.  I've missed my Not Me Monday posts two or three weeks in a row now.  I even had my post for yesterday started and still didn't get it done!  I have to say, though, the reasons for my being so distracted are pretty good.

Sage's choir performance

wall climbing... Raiden didn't get much further than that!

Raiden  riding the Christmas train

Sage and Kaitlan getting off of the train

We rode the Bear Affair!

Sage didn't really want to ride

My boys making brownie bites

Poor Logan!  Raiden is such a goof.

 And my baby girl

There so many other things where I forgot the camera, but we have been having loads of fun.  I love this time of year and sharing this time with the kids.


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Cop Mama said...

Oh your kiddos are adorable! Don't worry about not blogging, all us devoted readers will still be here!!!