Friday, February 19, 2010

I've Been So...


There, I said it.

I have been so incredibly lazy here lately when it comes to blogging. I haven't even been reading as much as I would like.

If I feel like my life hasn't been exciting enough to write, should I just make something up? Should I write about the boring stuff I do on the day to day? I don't like making stuff up. It seems so ingenuine. So the boring stuff it is!

I guess I could tell you about the day I tried to go to the public library.

We have three of them here in town, but I tried to go to the closest one, of course.

I have to tell you that I also am having issues with my van, so I try not to venture too far. Like, within a 2 mile radius of my house. Okay, maybe 3 miles at the most.

So I pulled up at the library and noticed a bunch of people sitting in their vehicles and a few hanging around outside.

Weird, but okay.

I walked into the first door and noticed a young lady sitting on the bench reading. Then I looked at the door inside that actually goes into the library. It said "closed until Thursday 1pm".

Door sign say whaaaaat?!

Our library is only closed on Friday.

So I thought.

When did they decide that the library closes for lunch?

I don't get to make that trip as often as I like so I was not happy. I also wasn't going to sit outside for the next 35 minutes waiting.

So I went home.

On the way home I started thinking.

In the vehicle next to me was parked a man and his companion. They watched me pull a baby out of my tired minivan, haul her up to the door and then back to the van.

From what I remember, they looked at me and was talking some. During their exchange it would have been nice to get a "hey, lady. They're closed till one for lunch."

But nooo.

So I went home and did some laundry.

There you have it. The day I attempted to visit the public library. Hopefully next time I'll actually have something interesting to say. Most likely not, though. Either way, I will try to post more often. Yay you!

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Cop Mama said...

I liked this post! It was a good stream of consciousness! Have a good weekend, my friend.

BTW, do you know that you were one of my first commenters when I first started blogging??? I was looking at my old posts and it was so cool to see you there! I mean, I knew that you were one of my first early readers/supporters, but it was just cool to see your comment! :-)