Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad Mommy

I feel like a bad mommy. Today I took Kaitlan to her doctor for a check up on her ear infections from two weeks ago as well as a weight check. Kaitlan is very small for her age so the doc likes to see her more often to make sure she is growing properly. By the way, I think she's just small stature myself, but she is only 16 pounds and will be 16 months on Saturday.

 My tiny tot! 

Anyhow, it seems that little ones are supposed to have a 15 month well visit and get a couple of shots. I had no idea! It's been a while since I had to take a baby in so I guess I assumed 18 months was the next visit. I also looked it up on the good ole world wide web and thought it said 18 months. Either way, she was supposed to be checked out a month ago. Oops! Can we say bad mommy moment? All is well, though. She got looked over, got her shots and a toy to boot. Then, since Mom didn't know about the whole shot thing, she got a trip to McDonald's for a cheeseburger happy meal. I feel I made up for my mistake when I saw that gorgeous smile on her face as munched on her fries!

I promise she doesn't just lay around in her p.j.'s all day every day, but we do have lazy days and this was one of those. Plus she looked so cute and so into "Bob-Bob"!


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Laura said...

She is sooo cute, what a little peanut! My kids were16 pounds at 3 months, no lie. :) Glad she enjoyed he treat after shots!