Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Preview

I am so excited about Halloween this year!  This is the first year that I have been able to convince my kids that they don't have to get a generic, store-bought costume that every other kid on the street will be wearing.  I convinced Sage that she and Kaitlan should both be Harajuku girls.  They will be so cute!!  To explain this:

Harajuku Girls is a term to describe women and teenaged girls in Harajuku (Tokyo Japan) who wear a style of clothing that originated in the street culture of major cities in Japan, i.e. Tokyo and Osaka. The "Harajuku style," named for the Harajuku district of Tokyo, combines a wide range of diverse influences, and is also known as "Fruits Fashion" by followers of Fruits Magazine. The terms "Harajuku Girls" and "Fruits" are not used by the Japanese to describe themselves.  The term has come into popular use via Gwen Stefani's music videos and songs from her Love.Angel.Music.Baby album.  A few examples:

There are different styles including Gothic Lolita, Decora, Kogal, Ganguro, Wamono, Second-Hand Fashion, and Cyber Fashion.  It's really just about self expression which I always love!  Raiden wanted to be a ninja or something, but I was already on a creative roll.  I talked him into being a hobo.  I remember being a hob for halloween when I was a year or two older than him and I thought it was cute.  I can't wait to get him dressed in a sturdy, filth covered pair of jeans and an old, worn out, long sleeve shirt.  I'm going to mess up his hair real good, make him a napsack on a stick to carry and give him a five o'clock shadow.  They are all going to be so cute!!!  So here is a small preview of the girls costumes... Raiden was just in the pic.

Yes, Kaitlan is crying from being held down, Raiden is attempting to give her bunny ears, and it's just an altogether cruddy shot, but you can see basically what I'm talking about.  The girls will NOT be wearing those tops, but the tutus, BabyLegs, gloves, & knee-high socks are all a part of their outfits.  I can't wait for another week and a half to creep by so I can get creative on them!


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