Friday, October 30, 2009

And She's Off!

For a little over one week now, every member of the O'Connor household has been able to talk around unassisted on their own two feet.  Yep, KK is a walking all by her little self.  Yaaay!  (Round of applause insterted here.) 

We practiced a lot, but the baby doll stroller Nanny got her for her birthday helped so much.

Yes, the baby is nearly as big as she is!  She had been trying really hard and then all of a sudden, last Wednesday evening, she just kinda took off!  She walked circles around the kitchen all night. 

Then she realized that she had to learn how to turn.  The next day she would walk one way, attempt to turn, fall down, get back up, then walk the other way.  She practiced all day.  Didn't take long at all and she had it down pat.

Now she's trying to run.  She doesn't like getting dressed so she tries to get away after bath time.

Dad was there to catch her though.  I just love that tiny, naked hiney!  Celebrating another milestone.  Kaitlan can walk!!!


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