Friday, October 30, 2009

Fill in the Blank Friday

Ok, folks.  I have come across a new, fun game to play.  This is a great idea created by The (Un)Experienced Mom.  Check out her adorable blog as well!  So, the thing is, she poses a question to you and you, well... answer it.  The question you ask?
The one quality/behavior/thing I say that proves I am turning into my own mother is: ____________

Hmmm... some of us don't know if we really want to get into this, but here goes:

I don't think there is one quality/behavior/thing I can say that proves I am turning into my mother.  There are sooo many things.  Just ask my husband.  There are certain phrases I'll use (usually something that is somewhat redneck or wives-telley-ey) and he will laugh at me, "you sound just like your mom."  (insert stupid laugh again)  I also look at my hands and see my mom's hands.  Motions or gestures much of the time.  I just wish I had my mom's beautiful nails.  Not fair!  What can I say, though, I am my mother's daughter.

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