Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Utter Frustration!!!

Last night we had an advancement ceremony for our Cub Scouts. Our boys are just so stinkin cute that I can't stand it! My complete and utter frustration comes from the fact that I couldn't hardly get a decent picture no matter what setting I put my camera on. I know Kodak makes quality products and I know I'm not that bad of a photographer, but these are just ridiculous! I mean, check this out:

These are the best shots I got of my own son. Unless you count the ones of the back of his head.

Granted he was a little closer and the lighting may be a bit better than it was on stage, but still....

It didn't seem to matter what setting I put the camera on or how steady I thought I was holding, the pictures would turn out crappy. Makes for a very disappointed mommy.

This one ^ was with the flash on... at least it isn't blurry!

Mr. Serious was a quite blurry, too.

I got a fairly decent picture of Logan here.
And here's Cody in all his blurry glory. I just wish I would have gotten the shot of him bowing when everyone clapped for him. Too cute!

Shawn and Sean got plaques that Nancy made all by herself (woot woot, gettin crafty wit it! hehe)

So I'm thinking it's high time for a new camera. We'll just have to see what Dad says about that one though.


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