Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too Old?!?

This past weekend a friend of mine had some free tickets to the local Improv and offered two of them up to Sean and me. I mentioned it to Sean and he of course wanted to go.

I was nervous, though.

It's been a few years now since I've been out meaning that I haven't left my baby girl since she's been born. Yes, I know she 19 months old and I still have to be a wife first, but she's my baby!

Well we go but didn't end up taking the girls to their godparents (which would have meant us leaving them over night ~EEK!) since Uncle Jake was already at our house. That made me feel a little better being that I would be there later on in case Kaitlan woke up in the middle of the night.

So we went to the show with our friends and then to a bar to play pool after. I guess you can say that I was a little excited to be out of the house because I drank a daiquiri and 2 margaritas just during the comedy show!

And it was a 6 o'clock show.

I know, I know. The most I usually drink is 1 margarita at the Mexican restaurant we frequent or an occasional glass of wine after dinner.

After the Improv we went to a bar not too far to go play pool. Sounded great. It was great! I had a lot of fun with my friends and some others playing pool and shooting darts.

I decided to drink a beer now since I already had a good buzz. The beer was fine. It was the shots I received that kicked my butt, though!

One shot of something-or-another from the loser at darts.

Another shot, a Jager-bomb to be exact, from someone else. I don't know. It was handed to me and I took it!

I don't remember much after that.

I know that a couple of my friends took me outside to get some air. Next thing I remember is getting in my car and taking Tylenol that one friend shoved in my face.

All I can say is that God was definitely watching out for me that night! He allowed me to let loose as well as pay for it the next day.

Pretty much all day.

One unusual occurrence: Kaitlan slept all night long. In her own bed at that! She actually slept until after 10 o'clock.

See, I told you. He was watching out for me. She usually wakes up and gets in bed with us if she's even in her bed at all.

My husband, being the wonderful guy that he is, took it upon himself to hang out in the living room all day with the kids playing video games and watching cartoons. I just wish he'd-a done that on Mother's Day!

So now I'm thinking that I'm just too darn old for that kind of stuff. I had a great time, but I can't handle the alcohol anymore!

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Megan M. said...

Ha! Nothing like a few drinks to remind us we aren't as young as we once were, huh?