Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Junk

There's this little game thingy that I've seen on Facebook where in your notes section you write out 25 facts about yourself that others may or may not know about you. Then you tag 25 people including the one who tagged you and try to get them to play along. I'm not going to tag anyone, but I thought I'd lift the idea and share 25 facts about myself that you may, but most likely do not know about me. So here goes!

1. I still think I'm 17 and skinny most of the time. Then reality usually kicks me square in the pants!

2. I love organization, but hate doing the organizing.

3. I wish I could be a race car driver. Sometimes I pretend I am. It's my dream job.

4. I tell my husband that I hate country music when I in fact don't mind it as much as he thinks.

5. I am never satisfied with myself.

6. My husband and children are the reason I wake up in the morning even when I already know that they are going to drive me to the nut house.

7. I sometimes miss living in Childress. (Did I just admit that?!)

8. I have 4 tattoos and want about 800 more. Okay, maybe not 800.

9. I have a weird thing with numbers. I prefer even numbers or multiples of five. Please don't leave the volume on 23... I will rip the remote out of your hand to move it up or down a notch.

10. I used to tell myself that I would never be so uncool as to own a minivan. One now sits in my driveway and I actually love it.

11. I have big plans in my head to build my dream house one of these days. A beautiful Victorian style home with a wrap around porch, a balcony or two, lots of windows and 4 big bedrooms.

12. I am a child of Christ, but don't always act like it. I am working on improving that, though.

13. I absolutely LOOOOVE soul food. I could eat it every single day of my life and not care how much padding I'd put on my hips.

14. I wish I could have a few more kiddos, but don't find it to be the financially responsible thing to do right now.

15. I hate my toenails. They wrap weird and become ingrown and that hurts.

16. I have the greatest intentions of sewing more often but let my computer get the best of me.

17. I love getting dirty. As in working and playing outside dirty.

18. My kids are forced (sometimes literally) to shower everyday except for Friday and Saturday. Then it just depends on whether or not they're dirty or stinky on those days. Sometimes I may not make them shower even if they are a little funky.

19. I don't really care for talking on the phone. I'd much rather have an hour long conversation through text so that I can keep munching on my snack and watching t.v. Makes sense, right?

20. I get upset with my kids for yelling at each other and fighting. I let them know by yelling at them from across the house.

21. I used to never walk out of my house to check the mail without putting on full makeup and at least somewhat fixing my hair. Nowadays I'm just happy to get a shower.

22. I am a bit of a hoarder. I have a thing for office supplies such as pens and pencils and things. I don't let my husband and kids use my "good" pens.

23. I want lots of animals. For my dream house in the country of course. I've always wanted a horse and would like to have some chickens, pigs, goats and what-not.

24. I try to get my kids to help more around the house. They attempt to help and then I step in to do it the right way. I'm getting better at letting go, though... baby steps.

25. I always put my husband and kids first to a point of neglecting myself. 

And there we have it. Some things are weird, some you may be able to relate to. Either way, these are just a few things that are all me!


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