Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer so far

My big kids have been out of school for over three weeks now. They haven't started getting on my nerves too badly... yet.

The last week of school was so busy. Especially for Raiden. It seemed that there was something going on every day for him that last week. We had Field Day, the TAKS Test ice cream party, the class picnic, and I don't even remember what else.

It was a great week, though!

The first week out of school we basically just slept in, cleaned the house and chilled at the crib. We also cut Raiden's hair for summer.

Sage attempted to give Kaitlan a mohawk as well.

She doesn't look like she cares much for it.

The second week out of school, Raiden had Cub Scout camp. He has been a Scout since first grade, but this is the first time he went to the camp. He had a blast!

Raiden's group doing the opening flag ceremonies one day.

I had to keep the girls occupied while Rai was at camp so we went to a museum one day. Sage thought it was so awesome to see real art by famous artists.

Sage has also enjoyed playing a bit of dress up with Kaitlan!

One Saturday morning we took a road trip down to Dr Pepper, Texas! (AKA Dublin, Texas the other 51 weeks of the year)

They were celebrating the Dublin Dr Pepper's 119th birthday.
The Dublin Dr Pepper plant is the oldest Dr Pepper plant in the world!

Dublin Dr Peppers are different than regular Dr Peppers, though.

Dublin Dr Pepper is made with real Imperial sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.
 Some guy did a really awesome sand sculpture.

It looked like a whole lot of work to me!
Despite the look of things here, a good time was had by all. It was pretty hot that day!

And of course, Sage has been taking more pictures of herself.

This past Saturday Sean and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We went to dinner and then spent a couple of hours together kid-free before stopping for some late night ice cream and heading home. Unfortunately all of the kids were still awake when we got there. We had a really great day, though. We have been through a lot together in this first 12 years of our marriage but look forward to dozens more!


CM said...

Wow, 12 years! Congrats!

Your little dude looks so cool with the mohawk!

BTW, glad you found your way over to my new blog!

This Daddy said...

It sounds like fun times for the family there. And congrats on the 12 years. That is awesome. I commend you both on sticking together, alot of people dont do that these days. And the mohawk, yeah, rockin it. Have a good summer.

Oh and damn your husband is the man for sticking with you for that long. When is his brain surgery?