Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is this all about?!

As mom to an almost-teen girl, I've noticed a big change in my daughter of the past year. One of those changes is how she seems to take tons of pictures of herself mostly in the bathroom making goofy faces. You know, silly teenage girl faces. She posts them to her Facebook and Myspace. Some of her friends take these same kind of pictures and I've seen others as well. I'm sure most anyone who has been on the internet has for that matter.

Here is one just before the goofy faces started:

Now they're all so ridiculously funny! I'll let you judge for yourself:

I find them hilarious! There are many more that she has taken on my cell phone, but I have either deleted them or I'm just too lazy to send them all to my email and then blah blah blah. I have told her that she should wipe the mirror down before taking these crazy shots, but I guess she "forgot".

Does anyone have funny self photos of their children? I could do a whole 'nother post on my son and his up-nose shots. Kids.... Gotta love 'em!


This Daddy said...

Awesome, maybe by the time my daughter is a teen, I will have calmed down a bit and wont be a stressed out about having a daughter. How does your husband feel about the facbook, myspace stuff in reference to your daughter, does he worry about that stuff?

mrsofficer said...

haha funny! she is so ready to be a teenager! My son is 13 just finished 7th grade im sooo not ready:( Im sure like me you will be keeping an eye on them!PS I have the step storage from ikea in my girls room, its like one two and then 3 squares high with the bins? I wanted that much storage but I kept picturing my son jumping off so I opted for the floor ones lol I LOVE ikea ;) the chair was a pretty penny 80bucks! but my two older kids always wanted it and i know he will use it for a few yrs he is not even 2. So i justified the purchase of a 80dollar plastic chair that way lol