Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No One's Happy

What can I say... I tried.

For more than 20 months now, we have been co-sleeping with Kaitlan.

Go ahead, call me a hippie. I don't care. =)

For much of those months, my husband has been trying to get me to start putting KK in her crib. Here lately I have been trying to do that. After all, it would be nice to sleep on more than a corner of the bed.

Can we say bed hogs? Yes, the both of them.

I was doing pretty good at getting Kaitlan to sleep and then putting her in her own bed. It may be 11pm when I get her in there, but heck, I had space to sleep! She may wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, but I can handle that. Just bring her back to my bed and nurse her back to sleep.

Yes, I am still breastfeeding a 20 month old kid. Call me a hippie again... I still won't care.

You think Dad would be happy about this.


Well imagine my surprise when we're laying in bed after I put Kaitlan in her crib and he mumbles from his pillow:

"I want my KK back in bed."

You're kidding me.

All I could muster was an "oh really?" and left it at that. I was too tired to ask him what in the world he was thinking.

Where do you think she's been sleeping since?

If you said with Mom and Dad, you got it right!

Since that night, we have moved in Sean's brother who is a truck driver and mostly only here on weekends, so he sleeps in Raiden's room when he's home. Kaitlan's crib is in Raiden's room so we don't even worry about putting her in there when Uncle Jake is here. I try to at least put her in her crib for naps, but she seems to sleep so much better in "our" bed. Actually, I wish we had a king size bed so we could fit all 3 kids in bed with us. I know, I know. I just love all of the togetherness, though!

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