Friday, August 24, 2012

Going to Church

Last night my honey and I had a nice talk about church. When we first began dating and started living our lives together, we would occasionally attend the baptist church I grew up going to. The church I was baptized in at the age of ten.

We soon moved to the DFW area where church was not quite a priority. It wasn't even in the top ten on the priority list. Our marriage suffered but we stuck through it.

I have always believed in God. I have never lived in a strong, Christian home. My mom took us to church on Sundays but that is where church stayed. Sometimes I went to church with Grandma. She attended Church of Christ and was a good, godly woman who I looked up to. I found out not too long ago that scolded my dad for letting Mom take us to a Baptist church. Dad never took us to church but didn't oppose our attending. He says he "doesn't believe in that stuff".

Sean and I have been through so much crazy stuff in our sixteen years together. I have not always been a very good wife and mother. I have made huge mistakes. I made horrible choices in my marriage and tried to destroy it with my bare hands. Then, just as I had almost given in to the enemy, I became pregnant. I often tell myself that a baby saved my life. My baby saved me. I began to see that I had to do better for my family. I still dealt with depression after having the baby but wouldn't let it get me down.

Over the past few years I have worked very hard to redeem myself. To my husband. My children. And most importantly, my Father. I began to study the Word. I have stopped worrying about what the world thinks of me and started worrying about whether or not I have pleased God. It's tough, but it feels so good!

So last night Sean and I were talking. I believe it was in April that we went to Houston to celebrate Sean's grandfather's life that had expired in January. Sean had never told me this before, but last night he told me how attending the Catholic service made him feel closer to God. It lit a fire inside of me. It seems that my prayers for him to personally draw closer to God for his own good are working! (Ugh, I'm tearing up now.)

We decided together that we will try out going to a local Catholic church and see how we all like it. That day in April was my and the kids first mass ever. I had little clue as to what was going I, but I did enjoy it very much.

Last night I sat up for a little while searching and researching Catholicism. I believe I have been fed some misconceptions but that's really no surprise. Hence, the reason I research anything that is of importance to me. We're going to try this and I am excited. It could be a whole new season in our lives.

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