Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for the change

I don't get people who do things with the intention of other people not knowing. That sounds so vague. I know. Really, I don't get people that do things that are not bad and still want to hide it. If you wanted to hide it, why do it in the first place?! I guess I need to explain, huh?

Some friends had invited me out and I accepted since it was my birthday weekend. They all were going to get Glamour Shots done and go out dancing after. First of all, I'm a stay at home mom where all of these other women are working moms with only one or two kids so I'm the odd man out so to speak. And I am often left out. Being that I am usually left out, I was pretty excited to be invited along. I know, I sound like a giant loser. It's kind of like being the in-between kind of kid who knows all the cool kids and gets to hang out with them for a while until my dad loses his job and I can't afford the coolest shoes anymore so I don't get invited to hang out as much any more. No, I'm not trying to gain sympathy either. I think I used to be a friend of convenience since we all have boys that are the same age and they are all in Scouts together. We used to be closer. But not so much since I started home schooling and one of them has gotten divorced so they all think it's okay to go out almost every weekend. I don't think it's okay. 

Fast forward three weeks later after we all received our pictures. 

There was one of the women that I have always been closer to than the others. I only bought a picture of myself and not any of the group but my friend (we'll call her Sally) had received the group pictures from another one of the girls and shared them with me. Well, the only ones I received were of us all in a white men's button up shirts fishnet stockings and heels. Not my idea but I thought it would be cute so went along with it. Well what do we all do with pictures nowadays? We post 'em on Facebook! I posted my single picture and the two group pictures I received just to get a call today from Sally asking me to take the group pictures down. She said that her son may be president one day and she doesn't want that on the internet. 

Then why did you do it in the first place!!??!!

I told her that I didn't see it as a big deal. I wanted to tell her that there is no way her son is going to be president if he has to sit her down and ask her to spend time with him instead of going out and she keeps calling that time she spends with him "punishment". It's a group of women. There are no men there except for the photographer. I agreed to take them down though to appease the others. If I had known the whole thing was going to be such a big deal, I would have never gone in the first place. There was so much more to the night that I just don't feel like going into.

Truthfully, a feel that a couple of the women are really genuine. They could be real, true friends but I have had issues with friends in the past that has made it hard for me to get close to others. Sally seems like a good friend, but she also seems like the type to turn around and talk about you when you walk out the door. I've known her for almost 5 years and still don't know if I trust completely. 

This all is one reason why I can't wait for our life to change here. I am ready to make real friends. We have been presented with the most amazing opportunity with some of the awesomest, er, most awesome people I have ever met! The wheels have been set in motion. Now we just have to keep them greased and on the right track. One of these days you'll hear of us!



This Daddy said...

I understand what your saying. If she felt like that later, then dont do it. I mean, the pictures seem harmless, not like you all are holding vibrators or anything. You know, good friends are hard to find and keep, but once you find them they are always there. Dont sweat it, and You already have the best friend you will ever need.

Your husband.

Now the real Scott, would have told her, look the picture is on my page, suck it up and quit crying. Tell her I will take it down, no problem, then I will go post it at WalMart and let the dudes get a gander at you.

trooppetrie said...

okay I have two comments, first I want to see the pictures. second, people crack me and i so have had similar happen to me. I so feel your frustration.