Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun with Government

Doesn't everyone love a day at the DMV?

Yeah, neither do I!

But that is exactly where I spent most of my Tuesday this week. In an attempt to renew my extremely overdue driver license, I headed down to the local Department of Public Safety office. I couldn't believe my eyes when I rode up at about 9:30 and the line was out the door! Fourty-five minutes later I was back out the door. Apparently you need three forms of identification here when you want to renew. I don't ever remember that from times I've renewed my license in the past. So how many forms of ID can one person have? Not too many from what the DPS agent tells me.

So back home I went, searched for my high school diploma and went up to the DPS for the third time. Oh yes! The third time. I went up on Friday and was turned away due to lack of identification. The lady wasn't real clear that time so I wasn't real sure how many items I had to have. Well it was three. I'm really beginning to dislike the number three now.

Now with my social security card, my old license, and my high school diploma  in hand (I also brought my marriage license just in case) I stood back in that month long line which was actually inside of the doors at this time. Woo hoo! So I stood in line. I gave them my three forms of identification. Then I sat for 2 more hours just to get yet another awful picture on yet another form of identification. 

Don't laugh. Please.

That is definitely the face of a tired, sick woman who has been at the DPS for hours on end. And yes, my picture that was taken approximately 10 years ago was almost as bad.

Why do I look so mad when I'm at the DPS office?!

I'm just very thankful that I now have a legal Texas ID and can buy a margarita or a glass of wine when out with my husband or friends. Although. I will be back once Dallas County courts get caught up on their paperwork and I can go get my actual driver license. Oh joy. 0_0


trooppetrie said...

until a few years ago i was still using my VA one and they just re printed it every couple of years. the funny thing was my head was turned sideways and i was over 30

Jessica said...

Glad you finally made it through, this is my first time visiting and I have to say your picture and that picture of your oldest daughter on the sidebar look identical.

This Daddy said...

You look so thrilled. Next time. I will tweet something funny to you so can at least chuckle when they say cheese