Thursday, April 1, 2010

This, that and a little bit of what I think

For the past couple of weeks I have been taking a break from the computer. I realized it was seriously cutting into my family time and decided I didn't like that.

I also have to say that blogging is sort of like being in high school again. Has anyone else ever noticed that?

 After a while, I began to see that being a blogger, I mean a good blogger, is difficult.

You have to network.

You have to visit other blogs and comment.

You have to join blogging groups (and get kicked out because you forgot that you have to participate all of the time or they'll kick you out! Stupid!). Sorry about that one. Happened to me and I was a little peeved being that I was a really new blogger at the time. Once again, reminded me of being in high school all over again.

You have to post constantly to keep up and keep your name/blog out there so they don't forget about you. That means you have to come up with something to write about!

That's really just the beginning, though.

I absolutely adore each and every one of the women (and men) who's blogs I read. I wouldn't follow them otherwise. I enjoy checking in on Twitter to see what everyone is talking about, offer up my incredibly sage wisdom opinion and nose in get in on the conversation.
I find it all to be a lot of work, though. I am not blessed enough to be a millionaire so that I can hire people to clean my house and cook my meals. I don't even have a laptop so that I can set it up on the kitchen counter to keep up with things while cooking. Now that would be nice!

On top of everything else, I have seen so much craziness online that I didn't know existed! I find it a little odd how some women will attack others because they don't agree with their opinion on things. I don't know about you, but if I don't like someone's blog or even just a particular post, I don't read it and I sure don't comment on it. I find it rude to offer up a mean-spirited comment and also find that most of the time, it's not that the person doesn't agree with the blogger's post, but they actually have little to no knowledge of the person/lifestyle/situation.

Now THAT is annoying!

What makes me even crazier are the blogs I have found that are dedicated to tearing people down. I'm sure everyone knows of a particularly popular blogger who deals with such a thing. I barely have time to write about my own life, how do these people find time to research someone else's life, pick it apart and write about it?! I feel bad that she or anyone else has to put up with crap like that. I wish someone could get through to them to GET A LIFE!!!

In other news, since I haven't been online as much, I have been doing a bit of sewing during nap time or when ever I can fit it in.
I did an apron for Sage which turned out okay. Once I finished it, I could see what mistakes I made and plan on learning from those mistakes.

I'm still in the midst of sewing a dress for Kaitlan. It looks great so far! I'm trying to get it done by Easter so that maybe she can wear it for egg hunting and what-not. I definitely feel much more confident about the dress and can't wait to take pictures of it to share.

Speaking of Easter, I'm sure my mom is mad at me. We were planning to drive up to C-Town Saturday but changed our minds. Actually, I had already planned on not going since my van crapped out on me again and I don't want to ride in the truck for 8 hours with my brother-in-law. We took his truck back in February to travel to a friends funeral, but it was like less than a week new and wasn't smelly yet. I've been my BIL's other vehicles, so it will be smelly eventually.

Anyway, I didn't even think about going until Sean said we would go but the big kids would ride with Uncle Jake while we had the baby in his little car with us. Then Sean changed his mind.

Driving 4 hours there.  Hang out Saturday evening. Wake up Sunday morning and do the Easter thing. Wait for Easter lunch. Then attempt to travel back home before bedtime Sunday night.

Didn't appeal to him either.

We've done that so many times and end up so tired the rest of the week that it just isn't worth it. I love my family, but I love my sanity as well.

So this has been quite a hodge-podge of a post and I hope you enjoyed it. I plan on writing another post soon on the hubster. You can read the beginning of things here.

I now have a crying, sleepy baby and have to walk down to get my boy from school so I must leave you. Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Crayon Wrangler said...

Just popping in on you! Thanks for responding to my Tetanus Twitter earlier.

Cop Mama said...

Hi Amy,

I hear ya and I hope you don't stop blogging. I enjoy stopping by here when I get a chance!

Congrats on the apron! Pics??? :-)