Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Squirrel Crazy

Would you like to know what I've been doing to past couple of weeks? Sure ya do!

Well it seems that we have interlopers.

Of the rodent kind, that is.
 Except I now see them more like this:
 or this (being that they seem quite brave):
I can just imagine them setting up their little house inside MY house.
You should hear the parties they throw at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning when I'm trying to sleep in!
So now we are in all out war.
We have tried to run them out and fix the hole in the soffit they created. Wanna see what they have done to my soffit?
Yeah, the little jerks. No need in fixing it until they're gone, but when they are gone, it will be fixed the right way this time.

I have Googled it (of course) and read that I should keep a radio on any all talk station going to try and run them out. They're still there, though! And I'm tired of hearing people talk in my attic.

You wanna know the truth of how I've tried to rid them? I may receive hate mail on this, but it's not your house they're destroying so any protests will fall on deaf ears. Just so ya know. Well, I've been shooting my bb gun at them in hopes of pegging one of the little buggers.
I have found that I am a darn good shot with the pistol and plan to continue with this course of action until I can find another way or the neighbors call the cops on us. They're cool, but still... they could have reason.

Yesterday Sean and I were trying to double team them by him running them out of the attic while I waited in the backyard for them to try and escape. While watching for the squirrels, I decided to test my aim again and
shot at a piece of packing foam that had evaded the trash somehow. Just after I nail the shot I see someone in the backyard next door.


I stand there being very nonchalant with my hands on my hips and the gun behind my back. Just in case.

At that point I decided to run inside and let the hus know what just happened (as minor as it was). I peeked my head back outside and saw that it looked like the wife was just standing in the backyard.

Is she crazy? Didn't she know that we were shooting squirrels back there?!?

The police never showed up, so I'm guessing we're in the clear.

Now I'm going to keep hunting those darn squirrels until they're completely gone and try to rid the attic of their smell somehow. 

Lord, help me keep my wits about me when it comes to this matter. I'm not afraid of squirrels, but I am moving out if we get one of these!
Otherwise, I plan on killing and stuffing them for trophies to remind me of what annoying pests they are.
 Oh! and just a little something for my little Jedi! 

(most images provided via Google Images)


Laura said...

Oh my gosh this is the funniest thing ever!! Not funny that there's one in your house but seriously, hilarious! Good luck sharpshooter! ;)

This Daddy said...

Ok, now that is some funny stuff right there. Put the gun down and back away slowly, very slowly

Cop Mama said...

Oh dear, that's quite the situation you have there. Have you considered calling in professionals?

BTW, the pics are way funny!

Arizona Mamma said...

I don't know what's more disturbing...the issue of having them invade your home, or the fact that someone has a way serious squirrel fetish to have created all those pictures ;)

Angel said...

Those pictures are hilarious!!

Kim said...

I'm a new follower and fellow squirrel hater. I JUST wrote a blog post about how today is the 4 year anniversary of my being attacked by a squirrel! Yes, attacked! While 4 months preggers with my twin boys! Love your blog and you have a beautiful family! Check out my blog (and today's post!) if you can!