Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's going on

Boy, oh, boy is December a busy month or what?! But it is so much fun! Now that I stay home and home school the kids it seems I have never been busier. It's great being able to have such a flexible schedule!

This last week has been kinda yucky. Sean worked really late all week long. Now when I say late, I mean late. He has to be in at 6am and wasn't been getting home most nights until around midnight. Then he had to be up and back at work come 6am. Plus he missed all of the fun we had last week and over the weekend. It stinks but I guess we should look at all of the extra time as a God-send being that it's the holiday season and all. At least that's the way we choose to look at it!

Last week Thursday we had our Cub Scout Christmas party. Our den I planned it this year and I am glad it's over! That was the first time I have planned any kind of event like this on my own and it is so stressful. Especially when not a single person many people will cooperate with you!

Since my camera stopped working, all I have is my cell phone for pictures (and that's why it's such a crappy pic!). So here's Raiden on Santa's lap at the party. He visits each year. In fact, I wish I could find Kaitlan's picture from last year. Even funnier is the one taken this year the day after Thanksgiving. My sister's boyfriend snapped a shot of Kaitlan running back to her daddy's arms. She wouldn't even go see Santa at the Scout party... and he's a family friend! I guess Sean's pre-Christmas prep on Santa didn't work!

A couple of days before that Christmas party we had really nice weather and took advantage by going to the park.
We had lunch.
Then the kids played.
And they climbed.
And they slid.
And just had a good time.
Apparently this is the look I get now when I ask Kaitlan to pose for a picture. I don't get it, but it's still cute!

We went to the Christmas luncheon for our home school group on Saturday. The food was delicious and included an apple pie I made and from-scratch green bean casserole with fresh green beans so pretty that I had to take a picture of them.
The kids had a book walk and did some crafts.
Sage working on her her ornament. Kaitlan playing with sequins.
I guess this is the finished product.
Raiden working on his snowman ornament.

Raiden's finished snowman.
And then one of the Santa wish list holder craft that we did at home.

Besides all of this fun stuff we've been baking lots of cookies and I've been trying not to eat them! We head out to C-town in the morning and then back home on Saturday. Next week Sean is off so hopefully we'll get some stuff done around the house (yeah right!) and get to have some much need family fun.

Everyone have a very merry Christmas!!


Mama4Real said...

You planned a Cub Scout party? That's impressive! That's something I might have taken on in my early 20's, but now? Oh boy. I run from extra responsibility! Haha!

Merry Christmas!!!

Dagmar said...

Hi Amy,

what a lovely post! Your little girl reminds me of my boy, lean and feisty. Yay for extended breastfeeding :) Thanks for your comment on my blog, hope you will stop by again soon.

Dagmar's momsense